Please pay attention to the description of each print in the STORE, as some prints are limited to 1 per Person and/or Household. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  1. Adding an item to your Shopping Cart does NOT guarantee or reserve an item for you.
  2. Submitting your Payment Information to PAYPAL only confirms your payment information it DOES NOT CONFIRM YOUR ORDER.
  3. ONLY after submitting your information through PAYPAL are items you have purchased checked against our inventory.
  4. If our stock of an item is depleted before or during the purchase process a REFUND will be issued promptly via PayPal.


Refunds are issued via PayPal for the following reasons:

  • An item was oversold (due to heavy volume of simultaneous orders), whereby our stock of that item is depleted.
  • The customer created multiple orders; on purpose or by accident.
  • A customer wished to cancel their order. In which case, please send a prompt email to


YES! we do ship internationally.

Shipping rates are the following (no EXCEPTIONS, and no negotiation. Multiple items are shipped together in the same tube):

  • Continental US = $10 (Shipped USPS)
  • Alaska & Hawaii = $10 (Shipped USPS)
  • Canada = $18 (Shipped USPS)
  • International = $18 (Shipped USPS)


For damaged packages, please send an email to, along with a hi-res photo of the damaged shipping tube/print. If it is deemed that the print is indeed not of an acceptable quality to the buyer, we ask the buyer ship the print back to us at the address indicated on the original shipping label. Once the print has been received by us in the same condition as the buyer received it, we will initiate the claim with USPS. Upon resolution of the claim we will either send a replacement print (if additional prints are available), or send a refund via PayPal.


If your package gets returned to us for any reason by USPS, it is your responsibility to pay to have the item reshipped (please see shipping rates above), PLUS any additional charges that USPS charge us to return the package (typically a $5 fee).


For any and all additional questions, please email ““.